Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Coughin' Nails: Live at the Westward Club (1988-89)

Murray Greig of the Coughin' Nails sent in ten live songs, recorded at the Westward Club. The first two tracks are from 1988, the rest are from '89.

Track listing:

For the Love of Ivy (Jeffrey Lee Pierce/Kid Congo Powers)
Gears of Love
Green Door (Bob Davie/Marvin Moore)
Kaleidoscope Lobotomy
Mr X
Pandora's Sin
Ptarmigan (Gerald V. Casale)
Pumpin' for Jill (Iggy Pop/Ivan Kral)
Road Runner (Bo Diddley)
Talk About Me (Screamin' Jay Hawkins)

The band:

Bob Firmston: vocals
Murray Greig: guitar
Colin Forsyth: guitar (on 1989 tracks)
Case Caulfield: bass
K.C. Halas: drums

Thanks tonnes for digging this up, Murray! There's lots more to come from the Greig archives in coming days, too.

Get nailed here.


Golden Rock said...

Download the Coughin' Nails live at the Westward:


Gene Poole said...

New link from the CCPS!


KneeJerk said...

It's KC Halas I have the original mix downs on 1 inch!