Monday 12 March 2012

CosmaNat - "Bring a Torch" (198?)

This is another 7" from the Frank Lockwood vaults. "This proved to be the band's swansong, and was recorded at Sundae," Frank writes. "I remember recording this song with Pat in the studio, and her six month old son fretting in the musicians lounge, outside of the control room. I was having trouble getting the vocal quality I wanted from Pat, until I encouraged her to 'sing it like a lullaby' to calm her fussy baby. This worked like a charm, providing both the vocal that soothed the infant, and crowned this gentle Christmas hymn, closing the door on CosmaNat's recording career forever."

Thanks to Frank and Pat Tufts and Brenda Bowes for sharing the music. Get the single here.


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Download CosmaNat's "Bring a Torch":


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