Sunday 11 March 2012

CosmaNat - "Little Things" b/w "Camping Song" (1986)

This 7" comes courtesy of Mr. Frank Lockwood, and is posted with the blessings of Brenda Bowes and Pat Tufts. We got in touch with Frank to solve a mystery surrounding a Tau Ceti video clip, and he generously hepped us to CosmaNat, "a band that became important to me during that period."

Frank writes: "Our first production was a 7-inch vinyl single, the upbeat 'Camping Song' backed with the dirge-like 'Little Things.' I remember Pat and Brenda showing up wearing shorts for the session where we recorded the thigh slaps that provide most of the rhythmic drive for 'Camping Song.' 'Little Things' is a painful lament of some undefined loss, which also featured a lot of what were to become my primary contributions to the CosmaNat sound: echoed guitar lines, multiple vocal harmonies, and spacious reverberation."
Little Things (B.Bowes)

Camping Song (B.Bowes/P.Tufts/K.Pack)
CosmaNat is Brenda Bowes and Pat M. Tufts
Produced by CosmaNat and Frank Lockwood
Engineered by Frank Lockwood
Recorded at The Sundae Sound Studio, Calgary, Canada, in the Spring of '86
Thank you C.H., L.A., and K.L. for unending truth.
There is no silence in our attention. So much for resting.

Big thanks to Frank, Brenda and Pat! Get the single here.


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Download CosmaNat's "Little Things" b/w "Camping Song":

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