Saturday 10 March 2012

CosmaNat - "The Find" cassette single (1985)

A tape! For reals! Hooray! This will allow us to keep our marginal hold on the Cassette part of our name for at least another month.

A ways back, we posted a CosmaNat tape. This is another, which comes from Frank Lockwood via Golden Rock. This is a one-track single (hence why this post is titled "The Find" cassette single), and predates Lockwood's work with the band.
Cosmanat Is:
Brenda Bowes
Guitars Percussion Bass Violin Linn Drums
Pat M. Tufts
Vocals Synthesizer 
Recorded at Sundae Sound, Calgary Spring 1985
Engineer Robert Bartlett
Thanks to: Kevin (for photos and stuff), Robin, Robert, C.H., L.A., and K.L.
Written, performed and produced by CosmaNat
Get this single here.


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Download CosmaNat's "The Find":


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