Monday, 12 October 2009

Church of Doug - Cigarettes Whiskey and Wild Wild Women (1988)

Church of Doug

We're mildly jealous of our friends over at Golden Rock right now, because they've been the lucky recipient of a bunch of tapes that had been carefully stored in the trunk of a car. You should pop over there and grab the live Legendary Few tape they've posted, as well as this - the solo offering from sometimes-Golden Calgarian Doug Smith. We're told that each of the actual cassettes was customized by Doug himself; the copy originally obtained by Golden Rock (via the Coughin' Nails' Murray Grieg) boasts the scrawl, "watered down 3 for 1 drinks are Satan's ploy to destroy live music--Rev. Doug '88."

We really like the Golden Calgarians, but they were a vinyl-only outfit. It's good to have an excuse to talk about them.

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Jive said...

thanks. it's lonely out here in the land