Sunday 29 January 2012

Choads: 4 Songs Live in Bill's Basement

Murray Greig sent us four unreleased live Choads tracks from the band's early days (around 1991? 1992?) before the Forbidden Dimension's Jackson Phibes brought his, er, organ to the party. "There were a lot more songs on that cassette," writes Murray, "but time and the trunk of my car have not treated it well."

The Choads were largely made up of Th' Legendary Few and Color Me Psycho alums, so they're an honourary '80s band in our books. Also: They were an awesome thing to behold. (If you're not hep to the Choads' one official release, The World Ain't Round, It's Square, you'd best rectify the situation pronto.)


He's Waiting (The Sonics)
Money (That's What I Want) (Barrett Strong)
Tombstone Bed

Choad blast!


Glen Mullaly said...

Thanks loads GR!

mandotodd said...

Thanks a zillion!

mrmur said...

Greg Dinwoodie on bass and Paul Charlton on drums BTW

Gene Poole said...

Thank you, mysterious commenter! We may have been somewhat under the influence of booze at the Choads shows we saw, and couldn't remember who else was in the band! Plus, the Tom's House of Pizza sign on Tom's keyboard was highly distracting....