Wednesday 21 March 2012

Liquid Light - "Between A Rock and a Hard Place" (live at the York Hotel, 1988 or '89)

A while back we asked if anyone knew what became of Skali, the Liquid Light frontman. Well, Scott Kelly ("Skali was just a nickname, like a slurred 'S.Kelly'") wrote in to say he's alive, well, and still making music--some old Liquid Light lyrics and riffs even show up on his two recent solo CDs. Scott's also a visual artist and radio host. He very kindly sent in this track, recorded at Liquid Light's final gig, at the York Hotel* in either 1988 or '89. Oh, he also mentioned that he tried an LL reunion in 2004--there's a clip here.

Thanks a million, Scott!

Get liquidated here.

*Now part of The Bow behemoth.

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Download Liquid Light, "Between A Rock and a Hard Place" (live at the York Hotel) here: