Saturday, 12 September 2009

Various - It's Only the Trees (1997)

Well, looks like these folks' attempt to get through an entire year of compilations didn't pan out. We don't know of a fourth in this series - it ends abruptly with their fall compilation.

And it's a weird mix, with the only identifiable Calgary content being Joe McCaffery solo (as Rot Gut, playing a stripped-down version of "Brains," the opener of Straight's sadly-neglected second CD, Palm Springs), Ian Doig's Parkades and Jeff Kushner.

And, for some inexplicable reason, Nardwuar's Thee Goblins.

Various - The Sizzle and the Cake (1997)

Apparently, the folks who put this out were trying to do something seasonally-realted with these, doing one compilation a quarter. Their summer compilation brings together some Shinolas (yay!), alongside a few bands we haven't seen yet on this blog - the Bittermen, Pretty Girls Dig Graves (featuring BeATroute/Blacktop Fiver Brad Simm) and Georgia Asphalt.

Various - Beginning to Bloom (1997)

This is an odd thing that we almost forgot about. It's the first of a series of three compilations of (mostly) Calgary bands. It was accompanied by a 'zine-type booklet. Remember 'zines? Crammed into a crappy 10 cent copy shop, huffing toner? Good times.

You might be interested in this because of its inclusion of Airship One, Massive Ferguson and Roscoe Pecoe's Scott Bennie (listed as Lifeboat).

Get it here.