Tuesday 4 August 2009

Shinolas - Passin' the Gasoline (1997)

Shinolas - Passin' the Gasoline

We had every intention of giving the CCPS team the month of August off, and taking time to bask in the sun/drown in the rain, but a surprise package in today's post has us scrambling to assemble the troops and post this newest addition to our archives. Now, we've been accused (quite correctly) of shamelessly gushing over anything of the garage rock persuasion. What can we say, we like what we like. And we LOVE the Shinolas.

So it's a pretty happy day when head Shinola Pete Link surprises us with this, which is either the second or third tape of four that the guys did. You'll want to grab this for a couple of reasons: first, "Bad Libations"; second, "Kiss Me With Filthy Lips"; third, "Ironic Seducer"; and fourth... uh, because it's gonna be a rainy few days ahead, and you might as well hunker down with some garage rock.

We have a very funny Shinolas-related (barely) story that we'd like to relate. We were meeting a donor at Tubby Dog a few months ago, and on seeing the pile of tapes we had in front of us, the proprietor of Calgary's finestest hot dog establishment asked (snidely), "who do you think you guys are, Tom Atkinson?" We shuffled a copy of Pigeonhole to the top of the pile of tapes. The proprietor shook his head in pity and walked away.

These are the things that we here at the CCPS endure to bring you the goods.

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