Thursday, 2 July 2009

Zuckerbaby - Zuckerbaby (1997)


Since Zoo Story took us down to the bottom of the alphabet, and since we just made reference to them, here's another thing we'd forgotten existed in tape format. Zuckerbaby bested the Primrods by not just getting signed and recording a record for a major label, but also getting it released. You have heard that unreleased Primrods record, haven't you? Wait, we've managed to get distracted by our love for the Primrods again. Primrods, Primrods, Primrods.


There, that's a bit better. Where were we?

Oh, right. Zuckerbaby. This quartet played radio-friendly, alt-power pop. And they had good haircuts. This is the first of two major label releases they put out. Apparently, once you get on a major label, it gives you the power to make insanely long and bewilderingly-folded j-cards for your tapes. So insane and bewildering that we can't fold it up again. If anyone out there knows how to fold this j-card up again, please let us know.

Please, Universal (or whoever owns the rights to this now), don't sue us!

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