Wednesday 1 July 2009

Zoo Story - Sing and Play Their Hits in a Bathroom (1994)

Zoo Story - Sing and Play Their Hits in a Bathroom

We've been looking for some Zoo Story for a while, so thanks a gazillion to Blaine Kyllo for unearthing this. Zoo Story kick off the incredibly faulty CJSW/Saved by Radio compilation 90.9 With a Bullet, and a careful reading of the liner notes tells us that this band was brothers Jeff and Greg Kushner. Blaine seems to recall that Dianne Kooch was also part of this, can anyone out there confirm this? That 90.9 compilation is pretty much useless for any detail on the bands it includes. Plus, no Ninth Configuration, no Quitters (or even Straight), it's not in chronological order (Pussy Monster before the Vindicators - really?)... and track 14 on side 1 is pure shite.

Anyways, this is pure gold. Sloppy garage pop which does sound like it was played in a bathroom (the mix is all drums, bass and vocals - which works). This is our recommended download of the month. We're going out on a limb saying that, we know.

But you probably don't think much of these little write-ups anyways.

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