Friday 31 July 2009

Various - Anything That Makes Sense (1992)

Anything That Makes Sense-front

Anything That Makes Sense
We had forgotten about this compilation until Curtis Ling sent it our way. Our ill-named Head Researcher wants to say this is a precursor Metanoia, but we're too busy teasing the Head Researcher about his title to focus on backing up his claims.

Regardless, this brings together a whole bunch of our favourites into one big, sludgy pile. Not the sharpest quality on this tape, but hey, it's a tape, remember? Besides, a pile of these tracks you probably already have, if you've been diligent about downloading prior posts.

Get it hereabouts.

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warren lawless said...

You guys are my new heroes. Your work is much appreciated. I lost my copy of this many years ago and have been searching for it ever since, But very sad because the link no longer works. If you can repost the link or just send it directly to my email, it would be greatly appreciated. LOvE YOU GUYS. Keep it up!