Wednesday 22 July 2009

Field Day - Hot Wax (1993)

Field Day - Hot Wax

Big thanks to Curtis Ling for passing this our way - this (we think) completes the set of tapes that Field Day released. It also makes us wish we could head down to the Republik for a drink or two. Or three.

It also reminds us of this great video:

Filmed at a gas station just north of Calgary which is, sadly, no longer.

We would also like to note that Field Day's Wikipedia page has been updated to include their first tape, Pet. We like to think that because of the good/half-assed work we're doing here. We also suspect that the photo that shows up on that page - a j-card, no less - was borrowed from here. Well, that's fair enough - we here at the CCPS certainly do our share of borrowing, too.

Get your wax here.


Anonymous said...

One of the greatest Calgary bands ever. The Pet demo and the 6 songs featured on this tape are definitely the highlight of this band's existence. So so so so so good!!!

jc5k said...

I always enjoyed Field Day, their pop songs are amazing...that first track though, 'Little Secret' doesn't make sense - or is it just me?
Jeff C

Macro Polo said...
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Macro Polo said...

Ummmmm.... can anyone explain why they entitled this album "Hot Wax" and released it on cassette tape?

Anonymous said...

It's the songs from their "Hot Wax" 7"

Anonymous said...

Love that flying V. Sweet az