Thursday, 23 July 2009

Agony Pipe - A Real Brew Ha Ha (1993)

Agony Pipe - A Real Brew Ha Ha

Agony Pipe - A Real Brew Ha Ha
... And here's that missing Agony Pipe tape.

We were digging through the Muretich archives, and found an article about Agony Pipe by... some guy who's not James Muretich, written a few months after this tape came out:

Sheesh, it's a good thing we're all incompetent over here, or someone would get fired for the ongoing inaccuracies and oversights.


jc5k said...

Crazy, I didn't even know this existed.
Jeff C

Tim B said...

Ha, I didn't know this existed either. Anyone know what ever happened to these guys? I'd love to know more about what the guys from Skin Barn and JTP did after those bands. Anyone?

Anonymous said...

I still have my copy. Fantastic to listen to.

Anonymous said...

Well I DO remember that Rocky (guitar) went on to join Zen with Rob Kelly from Joker, but I thought that was back in 1991. Didn't realize A.P. had releases after that...