Friday 31 July 2009

Various - Anything That Makes Sense (1992)

Anything That Makes Sense-front

Anything That Makes Sense
We had forgotten about this compilation until Curtis Ling sent it our way. Our ill-named Head Researcher wants to say this is a precursor Metanoia, but we're too busy teasing the Head Researcher about his title to focus on backing up his claims.

Regardless, this brings together a whole bunch of our favourites into one big, sludgy pile. Not the sharpest quality on this tape, but hey, it's a tape, remember? Besides, a pile of these tracks you probably already have, if you've been diligent about downloading prior posts.

Get it hereabouts.

Thursday 23 July 2009

Agony Pipe - A Real Brew Ha Ha (1993)

Agony Pipe - A Real Brew Ha Ha

Agony Pipe - A Real Brew Ha Ha
... And here's that missing Agony Pipe tape.

We were digging through the Muretich archives, and found an article about Agony Pipe by... some guy who's not James Muretich, written a few months after this tape came out:

Sheesh, it's a good thing we're all incompetent over here, or someone would get fired for the ongoing inaccuracies and oversights.

Agony Pipe - Lost in the Briars (1991)

Agony Pipe - Lost in the Briars [Front]

Agony Pipe - Lost in the Briars [Inside]
We honestly had no idea there were three tapes from Agony Pipe (at least, we now presume) until Curtis Ling passed this one our way. We enjoy the photo from the Calgary Independent Music Festival, the Sled Island of its day. Really! This Facebook group reminds us that the awkwardly titled CIMF turned into Highwood. Was that where we saw Lorrie throwing his guitar around?

Anyways, one of our eagle-eyed/drunk editors has just noted that we forgot to post the second tape we have.

We do that fairly regularly, don't we?

Wednesday 22 July 2009

Field Day - Hot Wax (1993)

Field Day - Hot Wax

Big thanks to Curtis Ling for passing this our way - this (we think) completes the set of tapes that Field Day released. It also makes us wish we could head down to the Republik for a drink or two. Or three.

It also reminds us of this great video:

Filmed at a gas station just north of Calgary which is, sadly, no longer.

We would also like to note that Field Day's Wikipedia page has been updated to include their first tape, Pet. We like to think that because of the good/half-assed work we're doing here. We also suspect that the photo that shows up on that page - a j-card, no less - was borrowed from here. Well, that's fair enough - we here at the CCPS certainly do our share of borrowing, too.

Get your wax here.

Monday 20 July 2009

Day After Tomorrow Band - Because Sometimes it Hurts to Breathe (1999)

The Day After Tomorrow Band

The Day After Tomorrow Band-2
In an odd coincidence, Chris vanderLaan contacted us just as we were getting ready to post this. He tells us that there were two batches of this tape, one batch that was blue and was okay, and one that was clear and was "the worst dub job of all time."

Guess which batch this is from!

Wednesday 15 July 2009

Guilt Trip - Guilt Trip (2000)

Here's another from the archives of Casey Lewis. What can we tell you about this? Not much, unfortunately. But this page over at Interpunk has a bit of the story.

Get their tape here.

Tuesday 7 July 2009

Corta Vita - The Corta Vita

The Corta Vita

We're not sure of the year of this tape, but we're going to suggest 2000 or 2001. Recorded with donor Casey Lewis, this tape is full of angular, scream-heavy punk. What the kids sometimes call screamo, we're told.

Again, this is only what we've been told.

Saturday 4 July 2009

Serial Heroes - Hi-O! We're Serial Heroes! (1995)

Serial Heroes

A while back, we posted a Serial Heroes tape that Dan Izzo found for us. Casey Lewis unearthed another for us! It's much as you'd expect. Raw and gritty.

Kind of like the bacon and pancakes we had at the mall's Stampede breakfast this morning.

Thursday 2 July 2009

Zuckerbaby - Zuckerbaby (1997)


Since Zoo Story took us down to the bottom of the alphabet, and since we just made reference to them, here's another thing we'd forgotten existed in tape format. Zuckerbaby bested the Primrods by not just getting signed and recording a record for a major label, but also getting it released. You have heard that unreleased Primrods record, haven't you? Wait, we've managed to get distracted by our love for the Primrods again. Primrods, Primrods, Primrods.


There, that's a bit better. Where were we?

Oh, right. Zuckerbaby. This quartet played radio-friendly, alt-power pop. And they had good haircuts. This is the first of two major label releases they put out. Apparently, once you get on a major label, it gives you the power to make insanely long and bewilderingly-folded j-cards for your tapes. So insane and bewildering that we can't fold it up again. If anyone out there knows how to fold this j-card up again, please let us know.

Please, Universal (or whoever owns the rights to this now), don't sue us!

Wednesday 1 July 2009

Zoo Story - Sing and Play Their Hits in a Bathroom (1994)

Zoo Story - Sing and Play Their Hits in a Bathroom

We've been looking for some Zoo Story for a while, so thanks a gazillion to Blaine Kyllo for unearthing this. Zoo Story kick off the incredibly faulty CJSW/Saved by Radio compilation 90.9 With a Bullet, and a careful reading of the liner notes tells us that this band was brothers Jeff and Greg Kushner. Blaine seems to recall that Dianne Kooch was also part of this, can anyone out there confirm this? That 90.9 compilation is pretty much useless for any detail on the bands it includes. Plus, no Ninth Configuration, no Quitters (or even Straight), it's not in chronological order (Pussy Monster before the Vindicators - really?)... and track 14 on side 1 is pure shite.

Anyways, this is pure gold. Sloppy garage pop which does sound like it was played in a bathroom (the mix is all drums, bass and vocals - which works). This is our recommended download of the month. We're going out on a limb saying that, we know.

But you probably don't think much of these little write-ups anyways.

Kush - Peppermint (1995)

Kush - Peppermind

Another Jeff Kushner release, this one falls right between the two we've posted already. This one's more of the same psych-pop goodness. Big Bang Theory's Case Caulfield plays bass on this, Zuckerbaby's Reed Shimozawa contributes guitar. The four quick songs on this kind of leave us craving more.

Or maybe we're just craving a Peppermint Aero.

Jeff Kushner - Astray (1997)

Jeff Kushner - Astray

A while back, we posted another Jeff Kushner tape. This is another batch of great psych-inspired pop that Blaine Kyllo was good enough to send our way. This is much more low-fi, which makes it a whole lot cooler in our books.

Get it here.