Thursday 4 June 2009

Serial Heroes - Same Olde Shit (1995)

Serial Heroes - Same Old Shirt

Dan gave this to us at Tubby Dog. We don't know much/anything about it.

But what we do know is that Tubby Dog looks like they're hosting a pretty fantastic party in a few weeks.

Oh, wait - we found Dan's note to us about this one: Another Randy Rudland band. According to Johnny Wenkoff these guys were "The ONLY punk band in Calgary" at the time. I think Chris Holman and Jay Sinclair were in this band, too.

Someone else told us that it wasn't Chris Holman, it was Jay Walters.

Get Serial Heroes here.


Anonymous said...

I think this is Randy who later formed the Red Hot Lovers...I remember really liking these guys when I saw them once, but this tape is all sorts of awful.

Jay Sinclair said...

This tape was recorded during the the same week long session as the Wrong Floor/C-16 split and the Ivy League tape. For some reason the left guitar ended up SUPER loud and really freakin' bass heavy, thus the bad, bad mix. My vocals are absolutely ridiculous too, Jay(walters) and I were listening to tons of civil disobedience and aus rotten at the time and I guess I was trying to go for that, hey, I was 16!! but it was a pretty fun time!