Sunday 14 June 2009

Ivy League - We Gotta Stop Doin' Shit Like This

Stop doing shit like what? Like losing j-cards? We don't know anything about these guys - it's from the magic bag of tapes that Todd and Dan passed us. All Dan can tell us is:

"If I recall, that band was a couple dudes from Wrong Floor. Not Rob, but a couple other dudes. I remember seeing them at Carpenter's Union Hall with Non-Prophet, but I don't think they were actually around for too long. I hate it when cassettes don't have liner notes!"

So do we!


Anonymous said...

It was Rob and Jeremy from Wrong Floor, but playing different instruments. It was essentially a joke band.

Anonymous said...

The recording doesn't do this band justice I don't think, I remember seeing them live a few times and they were really good, pretty energetic hardcore. Whatever happened to all the guys from Wrong Floor??

Holiday Horne said...

It was no joke band we played shows in edmonton, red deer, lethbridge and calgary

Jay Sinclair said...

Members were Jeremy Hunt (wrong floor), Rob Wetherall (wrong floor), Trevor Horne, Jeff Hegan. I can't remember if Tyler Pickering was in this band at some point too. They played a lot of shows, and were sweet.

Unknown said...

I've got the liner notes - Jeff is on "vocalz", Jeremy is on drumz, rob is on l.guitar and voalz, trev is on bass, tyler is on r. guitar. so, yeah - tyler pickering was on this one.

Unknown said...

Track Listing:
Rumour Mill
RAvers Suk

Don't Hate Me

written by Ivy League, produced and engineered by Rob Floor

Anonymous said...

That’s my dad, love searching this up when they are so older then they use to be and I am the step daughter of Trevor or holiday Horne