Saturday, 6 June 2009

El Caminos - The Betrayers

We're not sure how wise it is to start AND finish your day with Kamil Krulis (we'll see YOU down at the Palomino tonight for the 3rd Annual James Muretich Memorial Fundraiser, featuring Kamil and his Sublinguals). But we've never been ones for sensical endeavours.

Brad Windsor gave this to us, but we're not sure of its origin (again, we're lacking a j-card here). We think, based on this old VOX article, that the pair of 7" singles never happened and the four songs were released on this tape.

We're also thinking that, based on the photos in the article, that the good-looking drummer is Mr. Mike Bressanutti. But we're not sure.

But then, are we ever?

Update: we've been reminded that the Bobby Torpedo/Kamil Krulis adventure after the El Caminos was the Betrayers (with Kara Keith, among others). Which makes us suspect that this tape is a split deal, maybe the first 2 tracks are El Caminos, the second 2 Betrayers? If anyone has the art, we'd be super-thankful.


Anonymous said...

That is indeed "The Neuter" on drums for the El Caminos, and probably The Betrayers too. He was in all the El Caminos family-tree of bands before becoming an art-rocker with The Sharp Ends.

Ohh Oracle said...

umm, there were a few Betrayers drummers