Tuesday 2 June 2009

Choads - The World Ain't Round It's Square (1993)

The Choads - The World Ain't Round, It's Square!

We're hanging our heads in shame. We just realized we never actually posted this masterpiece of garage rock. Maybe because it had already been posted by O Canadarm! just as we were starting up this fine enterprise. Or we were distracted by something in the way of an alcoholic beverage. Anyways, we're making good on this now.

The Choads were a fantastic five piece that we saw many, many times in the good years of rock. With members of the Legendary Few, Riot .303, Color Me Psycho, Forbidden Dimension and the Von Zippers (wait a freakin' second - those are all the same two or three guys. Whatever, carry on) this was a thing to behold. We remember most their lead singer dressed like Fred Flintstone (though it may not have been a costume) and Tom Bagley with a Tom's House of Pizza banner draped over his, er, organ. Supposedly for this tape, Al made sure to keep a track open to add the random noises and bits you hear throughout this.

We're going to suggest you go and download this right away if you haven't picked it up from another source already. And, since the Von Zippers are now playing covers entirely, buy Al a drink the next time you see him and tell him to add "Another Day, Another Man" into their setlist.

{update Apr 24, 2016: we've just added an AMAZING rip of this tape, thanks to an anonymous emailer. It sounds HUGE, and is worth re-downloading}

Choad Blast!!!

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