Friday, 12 June 2009

Chapter 16/Wrong Floor - Two Sides (1995)

Chapter 16:Wrong Floor - Two Sides

Here's a bit of a novelty. We're used to split 7"s, split 10"s (the magnificent Primrods/Wagbeard split being an example of the utter perfection of this medium)... but split tapes?

Get it here.


Anonymous said...

The Wrong Floor lineup at this time was

Rob Floor: Vocals

Jeremy: Guitar/Bass ( Chris had left right before the recording)

Tyler: Guitar

Jason Walters: Drums.

It was starting to get nice and heavy. Thanks to whomever donated this one!

Jay Sinclair said...

I joined this band right after this tape came out until the band fizzled out a year or so later. Jay Walters and I went on to play in Belvedere(go figure??), and Tyler plays in the Evidence. I love these tunes!! Recorded in
Robs' basement on a tascam 8 track and some interesting mic choices, and home a made vocal booth. Ivy Leagues' tape and Serial Heroes "Same ol Shit" were both also recorded during this same week long session. good times.

Byron said...

was hoping to download this since I don't own a cassette player anymore... but the link is dead. could anyone re post this tape in mp3 form?


Gene Poole said...

The link is back! Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

I can remember back in the day when Rob W lit a chair on fire at the U of C black lounge. Good Times