Thursday 18 June 2009

Boozehounds - Getting Drunk (1993)


We don't know anything about this one (a recurring theme here at the CCPS, no?). Even the title is a matter of debate - You Make me Sick (cover) or Getting Drunk (tape label)? The tape label wins out, because someone miscounted the ballots.

Update: Edmonton madman Chris Zuk slid us a copy of this tape with a different cover (the second image above), which confirms the name of the tape, as well as giving us a year - and a hint of who recorded this, at least.


Anonymous said...

the boozehounds were friends of a friend of mine back in the day and were - in a word - lame.

Anonymous said...

The dude puking (Skully) is the cover Of their T shirt. The other picture was the cover with the songs wrapped around. Great drunkrock band ! As far as being lame goes, they were the best band in Calgary at the time so fuck make me sick !!!

Anonymous said...

Best punk rock band ever , from Fort Saskatchewan Alberta, SKULLY BOY