Saturday 6 June 2009

Bad Housekeeping - Macho Rock Onslaught (1988)

The Bad Housekeeping

Finally! Big thanks to Brad Windsor for passing this gem on to us. We're going to steal straight from BeATroute:

This one had it all, Mexican wrestling masks before wrestling was cool, outrageous costumes, 'The Brothers Pontez', the KISS thing and all the front you could ever handle in the form of one Kamil Krulis on lead vocals. I still haven't fully recovered from witnessing this band live.

You gotta hand it to Kamil: 20 plus years later, he's still more front than you can handle.


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Anonymous said...

Just found an old tape of live Bad Housekeeping I got from a friend in the late 80's. It still plays pretty good, am making it into an mp3 file soon as I can get a tape to pc converter delivered. am digitizing all my old tapes and lps now. gonna be some awesome stuff here.

Unknown said...

YESSSSSSS! Thank you!!