Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Various - This is a Lame Ass Tape

This is a Lame Ass Tape

We don't know anything about this compilation or any of the bands on it. We're not going to try to find out anything about them. You would better spend your download time today checking out, say, the Quitters or maybe some Primrods.

Seriously, don't bother downloading this unless you're desperate.


Jeff said...

hah.. oh wow.. haha.. Bald Vulture was from Montreal.. Closet Monster was from somewhere in Ontario... All Purpose and 23ways were from Cowtown and I don't know about Fraud.. maybe E-town.. Thats all I know..

vickz said...

Heey Jeff or someone, anyone have more info or some stuff about 23ways2saynothing?! it looks like a incredible band there!! cheers Victor

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