Sunday 3 May 2009

Tractorhead - On the Run


Former Arm and Hammer/Wagbeard guy Pat Andrews was good enough to pass this along to us. He tells us that Tractorhead was a Jay Kreway band both before and after Ninth Configuration. Though it doesn't have a date, we believe this is a post-NiCon release (our reasons? it was recorded with Jeff Burns, and the tape itself says it was a Sloth release - how Shylock Fox of us!).

Pat says Tractorhead was Jay plus Irv Francis (Skinbarn) on bass, Rob Beaulieu on guitar and Adam Kadri on vocals. Those latter three would go on to play with Pat in Arm and Hammer. Pat also says he doesn't have any arm and hammer to pass along to us.

So enjoy this in the meantime.


jc5k said...

I would KILL for some Arm & Hammer.

Anonymous said...

that is actually chris dann from six feet under on bass, irv was playing in bent on barbie at the time if i recall.