Wednesday 13 May 2009

Ramada Gods - Slave to Polyester (1991)

Ramada Gods - Slave to Polyester

Awright. Okay.

How you feeling?

We're feeling alright. We finally got us some Ramada Gods.

Thanks to Josh for passing this to us. We remember being chased off stage at one of the Ramada Gods' open mic/jam nights at the Republik. These guys were kind of the jesters of the scene, in some ways. They fit right in with that whole funk metal scene (Skin Barn, Jonestown, High Rollers - hey, does anyone out there have some High Rollers?) - kind of.

Hey, look what we found, from Jan/93's VOX...

Why did we keep that issue and so few others?

Ah, well. We're not going to let it worry us.

As they said back in the '70s, have a nice day.


Anonymous said...

The Rapidshare link's dead. Too bad--it's probably their best recording (check out the 'Twin Peaks' sample).

Arif said...

Brand new link up now!