Wednesday 13 May 2009

Ramada Gods - ...and Then There Was Velvet (1993)

Ramada Gods - ...and then there was velvet

Ramada Gods - ...and then there was velvet-2
We actually prefer this Ramada Gods tape to the one we just posted. The Sesame Street counting song is fun and all, but it's crazy stuff like "Squirrel" or the non-veiled Red Fisher jabs that make this work for us. And no one chronicled the early-90s, epic struggle between ravers and rockers than these guys.

If you enjoy this, you may enjoy Kirk Billon's more recent work, over at

Or you might just want to download this.


Anonymous said...

Hey, just hopeing that this link can be reposted. Loved the Ramada Gods! As always, love you guys. And you will get your reward in heaven( or hell) But look on the briht side either way it will be a reward, and you will have deserved it! lol

Anonymous said...

When I was a kid you either liked Red Fisher or you liked the Ramada Gods. Thankfully I had taste and liked Red Fisher. Ramada Gods were pretty good though all things considered.

Victor Franko said...

Not that I'm complaining, because this site is awesome, but why is there no Red Fisher? Were they an Edmonton band or something? I was living in Vancouver in those days, and outside of seeing both bands at a festival in Bragg Creek in the early '90's, I missed out on all the in-fighting.

Anonymous said...

Totally not negging here, but where is all the Toronto stuff. Vitor Frank likes Deadmonton but, T.O.
is really the under valued scene here. Oh what Calgary Cassette Preservation. Oh I am a total fool.