Sunday 10 May 2009

Porter Hall - Porter Hall (1998)

Porter Hall

We're pretty excited over here at the CCPS. The sun is shining, and we've got not one but TWO big piles of tapes in front of us. So we're going to do one quick post, and then head out and enjoy the weather while it lasts.

The first big pile, which this comes from, is courtesy of Dan Izzo and Todd Harkness. Being active in the scene for as long as they have, they've passed on a great selection of stuff from the all ages scene - and beyond!

We're going to start with Porter Hall, which is one which Jeff Caissie didn't pass on to us. Which is weird, 'cos this was his band after Showdown '76. This three-song demo is pretty solid.

Jeff has recently revived Porter Hall. We may have mentioned that already.

Fact is, we just want to post this and then get outside.


jc5k said...

Heh, thanks for this. I never had a copy of this...I didn't even remember it exited until a few months ago when Todd reminded me...

shaun citrus said...

I didn't know these songs actually got a proper release. My copy was recorded over some old tape and had no cover. I think either Todd or Jeff gave it to me. But i don't remember them ever selling this. Weird.