Thursday, 28 May 2009

Life After High School - Life After High School (2000)

Life After High School

This is another one that comes to us via Dan Izzo and Todd Harkness. In 2000, releasing a tape wasn't retro cool like it is today - it was just plain wacky.

From an old, old article in f-word:

The buzz: Andie is known to be one of the more melodic bassists in town. While the band prides itself on breaking record numbers of strings and telling bad jokes on stage, Life After High School provides a sweet mix of indie pop and emo songs. "People think that we have high energy, (are) really personable and connect really well. They sense really good energy," says Andie. "And it's hard to genre us because we're such a crazy mix."

Three quarters of this band carried on as Beija Flor.


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