Friday 29 May 2009

Joule - Joule


We'd like to be able to tell you more about Joule. They're held up as one of the better hardcore from the era - but they're so hardcore that, despite the exceptional packaging of this tape (the above patch plus a chapbook) - we're still left pretty much in the dark about who these guys were. There's a Radio3 page and even a myspace for them, but, hey, if you're not even going to include a tracklisting on your tape, we're not going to be able to say too much about you.

Get it here.


Anonymous said...

Joule were awesome. The stuff on the myspace is from when they reunited and put out a cd.

Vocals - Devin
Guitar - Jon Reddit who also was "Sea of Is", played in Beija Flor, and is now living in Van and playing in war baby
Bass - Mike
Drums - Matt

The second version consisted of the above members plus Brett and Steve now of Beija Flor and Kortnay who played in DUCK!

Anonymous said...

... go to the Drum & Monkey & ask for Devin - he'll tell ya what you need to know.

WAR BABY said...

There's too much to leave in a comment here but I was the guitar player in Joule, Jon. The other members are correctly mentioned above.
Here's what I think the tracklisting of this tape was:
1)Function of the heart
2) - can't remember the title of this one-
4)Searching Deeper
5)Open Up

This came out late 95 or early 96 if I remember correctly. There was also another earlier demo tape before our split with Dillinger under a different band name. I have a really cruddy copy that I can send to you when I have a chance to transfer it with a decent tape player. The masters were almost definitely lost or taped over. It is funny and good. ok that's it. -Jon

ben said...
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