Thursday 14 May 2009

Inquisition - Parcheesi with the Antichrist (1993)

Inquisition - Parcheesi with the Anti-Christ

Inquisition - Parcheesi with the Anti-Christ-2

This one's from Dan Izzo, and he reminds us that back in 1993, to put out a full-colour insert like this would have been pretty costly. These days, we reckon it would be pretty costly to get Leslie Feist in to do backing vocals.

And in case you didn't notice - buddy on the cover is playing chess, not Parcheesi.



Unknown said...

Hella Sweet! This is Tim (Methane) from Inquisition and this is absolutely the best website ever!!! I think it has even been long enough that I can listen to the Leprechaun again without cringing!

Wes M said...

Holy effin sweet!!!! I've missed this tape since I lost it when I was about 17. Inquisition was probably my favorite Calgary band of all time. I haven't heard this stuff in so long but I still remember all the songs and lyrics like I just listened to it yesterday. Thanks for the download, this is awesome!

Unknown said...

One of the first bands I saw live. In Canmore at the lions hall, with Green Elf is About to Die and Field Day, not %100 field day was there as I was ten years old or so, done some major damage to the brain over the years. One of these dudes dated my sister (Think his name was Mark) and gave me the tape for free. Got them to autograph it for me. I would kill to know where it ended up. This tape was a staple in my music collection.