Tuesday 12 May 2009

Fricks - The Fricks (1993)

The Fricks

We're pretty excited to finally have our hands on this tape. So excited, that we want you to pop right to the download link NOW. Don't bother reading what we're about to write.

The Fricks bring together pretty much all of our favourite bands from Calgary, past and present. Riot 303, Wagbeard, Ninth Configuration, the Von Zippers... the biggest giveaway is Tom Horvath's great, great guitar work on this. Does anyone know what happened to Horvath?

Lead singer Andy McLachlan has kept up a little shrine to his former band - you can go read some reviews and stuff, if you're that interested.

We don't mean to suggest it's not interesting, it's just, well - really, you should just download this and listen to it.

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