Tuesday 26 May 2009

Delusions of Reality - Chocolate Moo (1990)

Delusions of Reality - Chocolate Moo

We don't know much about Delusions of Reality - apparently guitarist Mark Donaghy also did time in Bent on Barbi.

That's all we got tonight.

Wait! Mark got ahold of us recently, and gives this bit of background:

Here's a little history on the band - it was really one band, 3 different names as the bass players changed.

Delusions of Reality started out as The Dimension of Sound, and was formed in 1989, while we were in high school (Western Canada High).  The members were Chad Holtzman (vocals/ guitar), Rahim Gaidhar (drums), Alonso Menjivar (bass) and me on guitar.  We played originals and covers by bands like Sons of Freedom and The Cult, and gigged at parties and all ages venues, like Studio A Go Go.  Within the first year Shane Sutherland replaced Alonso on bass, and we changed our name to Delusions of Reality.

We played our first club gigs as D.O.R. in the summer of 1990.  The Westward Club was where we played most often, as well as The Republik, The White Elephant/ Night Gallery, The Warehouse/Underground, and anywhere else that would have us.  Some of the more noteworthy bands we opened for were The Melvins (Westward Club), and The Dwarves and The Supersuckers (Republik).  We were also supposed to open for Helmet, but the show was cancelled because the drummer had appendicitis!   We were still teenagers when Chocolate Moo was released in 1990.

In late '92 or early '93 Gord Adam replaced Shane on bass, and we adopted the Spy Lemon moniker, releasing the Spy Lemon One cassette in the summer of '93.  That year we also won a battle of the bands at The Republik, and our prize was opening the main stage at Infest '93, so you could say we got to open for The Ramones!  Of course we played at 3 o-clock on Friday afternoon for 30 people, and The Ramones came on a little later that night.

In late '93 Rahim and Chad decided they'd had enough of rock music, so they re-cast Spy Lemon as a jazz fusion band.  Gord and I were out.  I'm not exactly sure how things went after that, but basically the band fizzled out soon after.

What happened to everyone?  As you know, Gord is a fixture on the music scene in Calgary.  Chad is a well respected jazz/blues/pop session guitarist in Calgary.  Chad also went on to play with Bjorn Again for about 8 years...really!  Rahim moved to Vancouver in about '94.  Shane stayed in Calgary until 2010.  He played with Thomas at the Wheel, Cosmic Charlie, and most recently, Heather Blush.  I played with Bent on Barbi for a year in 95/96, moved away from Calgary for years, came back for a while and played with the reggae band Activate, and now live in Halifax.

So there you have it.


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My uncle played in this band
cant believe i found this