Sunday 26 April 2009

Jonestown Punch - Swank on This (1990)

Jonestown Punch - Swank on This

Jonestown Punch - Swank on This-2

We remember back in high school, in grade 10 - so about 1987 - they had one of those air band competitions, filled with the usual questionable top-of-the-charts pop. But one group of guys got up and did an air band to the Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Backwoods" that blew our minds. We ran out and bought Uplift Mofo Party Plan, and thought it was wicked.

We suspect Jonestown Punch did the same (or, maybe even were responsible for said air band entry). We remember Jonestown's great stage shows, and "Redneck Ned" getting piles of airplay on CJSW.

Sadly, though - this hasn't aged too well.

But, if you're feeling funky this Sunday morning....

3 comments: said...

I would love JTP mp3s as well as skin barn mp3s - those were the days. The time before grunge. I have been looking for JTP on the web for along time and now this. Oh joy

Please point me toward mp3 if possible said...

Wan't JTP self titled released on CD - cry baby cd?
do you have any skin barn or bad housekeeping. How about the high rollers. I think there is a myspace page for the high rollers

Anonymous said...

I took a course on how to be a music producer. At the time we had studio time so I put up ads around Calgary for bands. They came in and I was one of the guys that helped record them and they went on to win CJAY 92's contest.

Them were the days.