Sunday, 19 April 2009

First Class Champ - First Class Champ

First Class Champ

First Class Champ-2

This is the first bit of scream-core we've posted here at the CCPS. This is another in the line of releases from various off-shoots from aka/Why?/All Rights Reserved. This appears to be the band that Aram Aslanian stepped into after All Rights Reserved and before heading onto bigger things with (non-Calgary) hardcore bands like Champion and Betrayed.



Anonymous said...

I remember First Class Champ. Calgary blue house basement band. So rad.

Unknown said...

Being the non rent paying member of the Blue House I fondly remember First Class Champ and of course Jesse being naked far too often. This album has stuck in my brain and I remember every section of it and that was a good what 15 years ago?

MPH said...

Well it was a great hangout, for renters and non renters, there was always a couch or a floor to sleep on.

jesse aka naked jesse said...

bluehouse was and still is my fondest memories of living in cowtown.... proud to say it