Wednesday 1 April 2009

Eternal Now - Hit the OM Chord Babies! (1987)

Apparently, Golden Rock has slipped a few past us. This one, while having some of the grooviest art we've seen yet, also has DJ Wah on bass! How many nights did we spend dancing to the records he was spinning? Not too many, 'cos we were too busy drinking and lacked the social graces to get girls to dance with us. More notably (and seriously), though - it also has Bill Reynolds, who was at one point the editor of VOX Magazine, a rag we used to look forward to more than three-for-one highball night at the Republik. Okay, maybe not.

Side A
Better Homes (Lyrics: George / Music: Eternal Now)
Dream by the Highway (Lyrics: Reynolds / Music: Diochnos)
Curiosity (Lyrics: George / Music: Eternal Now)
Prime Time (Lyrics: Reynolds / Music: Diochnos)
Living in the Free World (Lyrics: Reynolds / Music: Eternal Now)

Recorded at Sundae Sound Studios
Calgary, July 5, 1987

Engineered by Cliff Bekar

Production Assistance from Jeff de Freitas

Greg Boyd: Fender Strat, Device
Andrew Butler: Drums, Tamborine
Nick Diochnos: Fender Mustang
Dania George: Voice
Walt Porochnuk: Bass Guitar
Bill Reynolds: Voice

Special thanks to Doug Wong for the support

Cover design by Peter Nothing

Huge thanks to one-time Eternal Now-er/Patabeatnik Richard Powrie for sending this in!

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