Thursday 16 April 2009

All Rights Reserved - Assistance (1993)

All Rights Reserved - Assistance

Sadly, Jeff was unable to put his hands on the first All Rights Reserved tape, so we pick up their story with this, their second tape. This is the first tape we're posting on the I Hate Records imprint, which Jeff says "was a little tape operation that All Rights Reserved, Roadcrew Orange, and Why? just kind of put together for no real reason...we all played shows together constantly, hung out together, etc. Imagine a less cool warriors and if the warriors were from ogden".

We're going to spend a couple hours this weekend, watching The Warriors with the sound down, and this cranked instead.


Aram Arslanian said...

Citrus told me about this blog and upon checking it out I couldn't be more delighted! Great work and thanks for keeping our ideas and efforts alive
Aram XXX

jme666 said...

I have 3 all rights tapes here