Monday 13 April 2009

aka - Stop (1994)

aka - Stop

Thanks again to Mr. Jeff Caissie, we're about to unleash an onslaught of mid-90's hardcore from the all-ages scene. We're going to start with this little gem that we actually got a request for. Can you imagine? That means two things: there are people reading this (who weren't in Brass), and there are people who actually care about this stuff as much as we do.

Anyways, we're going to point you to this excellent little history piece from Beatroute (or Be A Troute, depending on your kerning), which puts a lot of what we're going to be posting in the next few weeks in context. This is the first release on the aka-run Permanent Records imprint, PRR 01. We'll see that the future releases use PRM. How's that for being overly-observant?

"[A]nyone who didn’t pay $4 for one of the 50 copies of Why’s “Panic” tape back in 1992 will probably never get to hear it," says Beatroute.

Nuts, we say!


Paul K Lawton said...

Did you get the Rebel Young Republican demo in that group of tapes?

Anonymous said...

awesome! Ive been looking for this forever! Thanks! looking forward to this onslaught of tapes to come

Arif said...

Sadly, there's no RYR in that pile. There are a few bands mentioned in the Beatroute article who we don't have.

James Leroy said...

Soooo good! Thanks for uploading this stuff.