Tuesday 14 April 2009

aka- how'm i doin' sucker? (1994)

aka - how'm i doin', sucker?

aka - how'm i doin', sucker?-2

We suspect that there's something wacky happening with the years attributed to this aka tape and the previously posted Stop. Both have 1994 as their date, which isn't unlikely, just odd. But this is listed as PRM 03, for those keeping track. We'll get back to PRM 02 soon enough, don't you worry, Paul.

Anyways, we're not sure if this tape is suffering from missing-j-card-itis, or if it was originally sold like this. There's an interesting trend among these mid-90's hardcore tapes, the bands tended to include full lyric sheets - with a great 5 cent copy shop feel to them.

DIY at its best, crammed into a tiny, clear plastic box.


Paul K Lawton said...

This is the one I've been waiting for. AKA had one other album (had a bunch of excerpts from The Breakfast Club) that I had a dub-of-a-dub-of-a-dub once-upon a time - but it didn't get released before they broke up (and went into a million other bands). If anyone has that kicking around, I'd kill for a copy.

jc5k said...

Hey, re. the cover there was a cover that was released with only a handful of the tapes and oddly enough it was a picture of me driving. The recording Paul is talking about wasn't a released tape but it was 6 songs that they recorded with Jeff Burns. A couple of them ended up on that Permanent Distress compilation CD and the rest were unreleased, sadly. (If I recall correctly some of their best stuff was on that recording). Sadly (again), I can't find a copy of this recording anywhere.

Paul K Lawton said...

What a bummer. We need to find a copy of those songs - their best stuff indeed.

James Leroy said...

I've been searching for copies of the AKA tapes for years now. My original copies had been lost or stolen more than 10 years ago. Hearing this stuff again brings back good memories. AKA influenced me in more ways than they will ever know. If you were in AKA and your reading this...thanks!

MPH said...

Yes. This is definitely a trip down memory lane. I went to high school with these guys. They were my best friends. I had my own apartment downtown Calgary when I was 16 years old, and I actually graduated from high school. Ha ha. Now here we all are. Grown-ups. It's like over twenty years later. Thanks AKA, and thanks to whoever posted this.