Thursday, 30 April 2009

Chapter 16 - Hoo-De-Frackin'Hoo (1994)

Chapter 16 - Hoo-de-frackin' Hoo

For your Thursday night listening pleasure (maybe before you pop out to Tubby Dog?), we present, courtesy again of Mr. Jeff Caissie, another Permanent Records release.

Get it here.

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Big Daddy Ritter - Greasiest Love Songs of the 90's (1995)

Big Daddy Ritter - Greasiest Love Songs of the 90's

It seems these guys started taking themselves less and less seriously over time.

Full kudos for their straight-up Cars cover - it would have been easy to do something stupid with that, but they give it ace treatment.

Big Daddy Ritter - Big Daddy Ritter (1994)

Big Daddy Ritter

Jeff Caissie tells us that Big Daddy Ritter is "virtually the same band as Why?". Which we find astonishing. Gone are the politics of Why?, this is a far more, uh, personal angle to hardcore.

Which isn't to say it's bad. It's just different.

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Jonestown Punch - Jonestown Punch (1991)

Jonestown Punch

Jonestown Punch-2

So, if Swank on This was Jonestown Punch's Uplift Mofo Party Plan, this is their, uh, Mother's Milk? (We really don't know, we're not that conversant in the works of the Red Hot Chili Peppers). More metal, less funky. There's a skaterock tendency on here that's not as obvious as in Swank on This.

And a Beatles sample that probably wasn't cleared.

Jonestown Punch - Swank on This (1990)

Jonestown Punch - Swank on This

Jonestown Punch - Swank on This-2

We remember back in high school, in grade 10 - so about 1987 - they had one of those air band competitions, filled with the usual questionable top-of-the-charts pop. But one group of guys got up and did an air band to the Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Backwoods" that blew our minds. We ran out and bought Uplift Mofo Party Plan, and thought it was wicked.

We suspect Jonestown Punch did the same (or, maybe even were responsible for said air band entry). We remember Jonestown's great stage shows, and "Redneck Ned" getting piles of airplay on CJSW.

Sadly, though - this hasn't aged too well.

But, if you're feeling funky this Sunday morning....

Friday, 24 April 2009

Why? - Panic (1994)

Why? - Panic

Here's another from Why? We can say this about them - they took their politics (apparently) seriously.

Ah, youth.

Why? - Common Response (1993)

Why? - Common Response

More all-ages hardcore, courtesy (still!) of Jeff Caissie.

We wish we could offer some insight into this, but we really can't.

Road Crew Orange - One Way (1993)

Road Crew Orange - One Way

We don't remember much about Road Crew Orange, other than that they were mainstays of the all-ages scene.

The quick thanks on the inside of this tape says it all for a lot of us here at the CCPS: "Thanx to Ron Hadley and Beyond Possession, Ninth Configuration for inspiring us to get off our ass."


Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Inquisition - Outhouse Air-Freshener (1992)

Inquisition - Outhouse Air-Freshener

We've never really known what to think of Inquisition. We kind of get where they're coming from in terms of the juvenile punk rock, but... Anyways, Jeff Caissie reminds us that there's a connection with the Martyr Index somewhere.

Go freshen up.

(ps: thanks to MySpace for crashing our browser and making us re-upload this. Congratulations on being just a shade suckier than Facebook!)

Infernos - If You Can't Beat, 'Em Burn 'Em (1993)

Infernos - If You Can't Beat 'Em, Burn 'Em

We're not sure what to call this one, it's kind of punk rock, but it's also kind of justplaindumb rock. The Infernos featured Paul Spence, who would go on to star in the absolutely fantastic Fubar (we should have mentioned the Fubar connection when we posted the A-Team, as well - but we didn't, because we assumed you know) and play in the equally fantastic CPC Gangbangs. There's a nice little piece over at the f-word about a reunion show they did, which indicates that this is just one of two tapes they put out. As always, we're happy to digitize any tapes you may want to send our way.

And then burn 'em!

Monday, 20 April 2009

Showdown '76 - Showdown '76 (1995)

Showdown '76

Alright, here we have the second self-titled tape from Showdown '76. Not only is this self-titled, but the 11 songs on here... don't have titles. Just straight numbers.

We'll point your attention to the curiosities that are the last two tracks: track 10 is a cover of "Pride" (from their first tape) by one of the guys from Why? And the 11th track is just what it sounds like: a French Canadian doing karaoke to "I Love Rock and Roll."

We're not sure what Doug Wurzer went on to after this, and we've talked about Bressanutti a few times (we saw his Sharp Ends the other week, at the Legion, and it was awe-inspiring) - Jeff Caissie went onto further shenanigans with Porter Hall (who he's recently reformed - you should go see them. So should we, for that matter) and the Browns.


Showdown '76 - PRM007 (1994)

Showdown '76-2

Jeff's been prodding us to get to the point on this one. You know, we're taking our time, trying to build a compelling narrative here.

After I Care became Bender, they added in Jeff Caissie on guitar and changed their name to Showdown '76.

This is their first tape. Why are we listing it as PRM007? You'll see when we post their second tape.

That's as much narrative as we can muster right now.

Sunday, 19 April 2009

First Class Champ - First Class Champ

First Class Champ

First Class Champ-2

This is the first bit of scream-core we've posted here at the CCPS. This is another in the line of releases from various off-shoots from aka/Why?/All Rights Reserved. This appears to be the band that Aram Aslanian stepped into after All Rights Reserved and before heading onto bigger things with (non-Calgary) hardcore bands like Champion and Betrayed.


Saturday, 18 April 2009

All Rights Reserved- Losing the Past (1994)

All Rights Reserved - Losing the Past

All Rights Reserved - Losing the Past-2

We're picking up the Jeff Caissie trail with this special little tape, which Jeff tells us was made for an American tour and never sold in Canada.

How's that for an exclusive?!

Thursday, 16 April 2009

All Rights Reserved - Assistance (1993)

All Rights Reserved - Assistance

Sadly, Jeff was unable to put his hands on the first All Rights Reserved tape, so we pick up their story with this, their second tape. This is the first tape we're posting on the I Hate Records imprint, which Jeff says "was a little tape operation that All Rights Reserved, Roadcrew Orange, and Why? just kind of put together for no real reason...we all played shows together constantly, hung out together, etc. Imagine a less cool warriors and if the warriors were from ogden".

We're going to spend a couple hours this weekend, watching The Warriors with the sound down, and this cranked instead.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

I Care -I Woke Up and I Was Dancing, Ralph (1992)

I Care - I Woke up and I was dancing Ralph

I Care - I Woke up and I was dancing Ralph-2

A while back, we posted a tape by a band called Bender, and all our fact checker could come up with at the time was a link between the drummer said band and two bands we can't get enough of, the Ostrich and the Sharp Ends (ouch! we've just been prodded and reminded that there's a link to the very fabulous Remones, as well). Well, there's a better link which takes us back to this band (who were also on the Metanoia comp a few posts back.

I Care would morph into Bender and then quickly turn into...

... well, that's a story for another day.

Today, let's just enjoy this one.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

aka- how'm i doin' sucker? (1994)

aka - how'm i doin', sucker?

aka - how'm i doin', sucker?-2

We suspect that there's something wacky happening with the years attributed to this aka tape and the previously posted Stop. Both have 1994 as their date, which isn't unlikely, just odd. But this is listed as PRM 03, for those keeping track. We'll get back to PRM 02 soon enough, don't you worry, Paul.

Anyways, we're not sure if this tape is suffering from missing-j-card-itis, or if it was originally sold like this. There's an interesting trend among these mid-90's hardcore tapes, the bands tended to include full lyric sheets - with a great 5 cent copy shop feel to them.

DIY at its best, crammed into a tiny, clear plastic box.

Monday, 13 April 2009

aka - Stop (1994)

aka - Stop

Thanks again to Mr. Jeff Caissie, we're about to unleash an onslaught of mid-90's hardcore from the all-ages scene. We're going to start with this little gem that we actually got a request for. Can you imagine? That means two things: there are people reading this (who weren't in Brass), and there are people who actually care about this stuff as much as we do.

Anyways, we're going to point you to this excellent little history piece from Beatroute (or Be A Troute, depending on your kerning), which puts a lot of what we're going to be posting in the next few weeks in context. This is the first release on the aka-run Permanent Records imprint, PRR 01. We'll see that the future releases use PRM. How's that for being overly-observant?

"[A]nyone who didn’t pay $4 for one of the 50 copies of Why’s “Panic” tape back in 1992 will probably never get to hear it," says Beatroute.

Nuts, we say!

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Various - What Are We On? Metanoia Records Calgary Compilation 92' (1992)

What are we on?- Metanoia Compilation

What are we on?- Metanoia Compilation-2
We've posted a few tapes that Metanoia put out early in the 90's, but thanks to jeff Caissie (again!) for passing along this compilation. It starts with Huevos Rancheros, and goes all over the map from there. Highlights for us include the very early Lorrie Matheson via the Anxious Poets and the Ramada Gods because, well, they're the Ramada Gods.

Get it here.

Friday, 10 April 2009

Forbidden Dimension - Mars is Heaven (1990)

Forbidden Dimenion - Mars is Heaven

For some odd reason, in all our years of stalking Jackson Phibes, we ended up with a latter FD tape, Our Martian Heritage. But thanks to Jeff Caissie, we now have the original thing. This was re-released on CD as A Coffinful of Crows, which we're sure you can find somewhere if you look hard enough.

But CDs are for suckers.

Ded. Souls - Fill Your Holes With... (1991)

Ded Souls - Fill Your Holes With...

We've got a pile of new tapes, thanks to Mr. Jeff Caissie (Showdown '76, All Rights Reserved, Porter Hall and others...). So much, in fact, we didn't know where to start. But we've been listening to Wagbeard a lot recently, so why not this, the first Ded. Souls tape? We do like Chris Temple.

Get it here.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Beat Apostles - Here Comes Tomorrow (1988)

Another liberated from Golden Rock, this was the vehicle for "art-punk" Steve Heimbecker, whose other bands included The Edible Pumplin and the Friendlys. You can read more about Steve on the Qube website.

And then head over to Golden Rock for the download.

Eternal Now - Hit the OM Chord Babies! (1987)

Apparently, Golden Rock has slipped a few past us. This one, while having some of the grooviest art we've seen yet, also has DJ Wah on bass! How many nights did we spend dancing to the records he was spinning? Not too many, 'cos we were too busy drinking and lacked the social graces to get girls to dance with us. More notably (and seriously), though - it also has Bill Reynolds, who was at one point the editor of VOX Magazine, a rag we used to look forward to more than three-for-one highball night at the Republik. Okay, maybe not.

Side A
Better Homes (Lyrics: George / Music: Eternal Now)
Dream by the Highway (Lyrics: Reynolds / Music: Diochnos)
Curiosity (Lyrics: George / Music: Eternal Now)
Prime Time (Lyrics: Reynolds / Music: Diochnos)
Living in the Free World (Lyrics: Reynolds / Music: Eternal Now)

Recorded at Sundae Sound Studios
Calgary, July 5, 1987

Engineered by Cliff Bekar

Production Assistance from Jeff de Freitas

Greg Boyd: Fender Strat, Device
Andrew Butler: Drums, Tamborine
Nick Diochnos: Fender Mustang
Dania George: Voice
Walt Porochnuk: Bass Guitar
Bill Reynolds: Voice

Special thanks to Doug Wong for the support

Cover design by Peter Nothing

Huge thanks to one-time Eternal Now-er/Patabeatnik Richard Powrie for sending this in!

Get it here.

Big Dog - 99 Change Hands (1982)

In our quest to cover as much ground as possible, we bring you another post from the good(-ish) folks at Golden Rock. This is one we don't know much about... so here are the liner notes from GR:

Released on cassette by Syntax Publishing (SPAC 001)

Side 1
Monkey See, Monkey Do
No More Painting

Side 2
Ask Me Any Questions*
Remember When*
We Are not Afraid

All Rights Reserved.
Copyright © 1979/80 Brian Dyson/Paul Woodrow except* Copyright © 1979 Paul Woodrow
All songs arranged by BIG DOG

Mark Dutchuk Guitar
Brian Dyson Vocals

Peter Moller Drums/Percussion
Brett Pawson Bass Guitar
Paul Woodrow Keyboards

Karen-Anne James Back-up Vocals

French Lyrics on Cantina by Pierre-Alain Hubert

Recorded at R&R Studio and The Living Room Studio, Calgary, Alberta, June 1981/October 1982

Recording Engineers — Wade McGregor and Richard Harrow.
Produced by Syntax.
Photography: Pat Lloyd
Design: Brian Dyson
Art Direction: Syntax
Printing: Peter Nothing/Egg Press
Manufactured in Canada/Fabriqué au Canada

Huge thanks, yet again, to Brian at Syntax for sending in the remastered tracks!

Get it here.