Tuesday 24 March 2009

Various - Local Band Seeks Fans (1997)

Local Band Seeks Fans

Straight outta CJSW! Every once in a while, CJSW would put out a compilation of sorts. This one is great, because it gives us an excuse to post more Joe McCaffery ("The Obvious Things" shows up, we believe, on Straight's first CD, Happy Club)! And some Lorrie Matheson, too ("Sadie Hawkins" shows up on the first National Dust CD). Plus, more Chris Temple in the form of the Earthquake Pills and yet more of the Shinolas... We need to go lie down in a cool place somewheres!

And a few others we haven't heard from yet. The twang of the Alien Rebels, the power pop of the Brown Eyed Susans, and two other bands we can't remember a thing about.

This is a pretty solid little release - thanks to Colonel Cam Hayden for passing it over to us. Get it here!


Anonymous said...

Boy In the Bubble was DJ Taro, if I remember correctly. Paul Coutts on vocals.

Anonymous said...

This is sweet! Brown Eyed Susans were the best Calgary band ever!