Sunday 15 March 2009

Skin Barn - Two Words for Cool (1990)

Skin Barn - Two Words for Cool

Sadly, we don't have a cover for this one, which comes to us from the secret stash of Steve Elaschuk. Steve says this predates the Skin Barn tape over at Making Time for Thoughtcrime, but since we don't have the art... we're going to guess this is from 1989 or 1990. It's a complete, wild-ass guess. That's what we do when we don't have the j-card. We make stuff up. To fill space. Like this.

Update: Josh Etherington passed the art for this on to us. Turns out it's the famously-titled Two Words for Cool. We should have known. But we didn't. Thanks, Josh!


cheeba said...


I lent this tape out to a pal in 2001 who misplaced it. It had a dope Tom Bagley cover which was from the POV of someone getting drowned.

One of the best tapes to come out of the 90s, let alone the Calgary scene. For the record, not sure if this is from 90 or 89 but do recall I bought it before the legendary Nirvana gig. Now THAT was an incredible night!

HUGE thank you for completing my 8-year search for a replacement copy of this prescient slice of pop punk, hardcore and funkmetal genius.

And thanks to Golden Rock for sending me your way too!

Unknown said...

Please repost this download, I had a copy in the 90s which I played so much I wore it out.

Arif said...

Just for you, a new, non-RapidSuck link!

Unknown said...


mike39 said...

You guys rock! I lost mine years ago and it's been real hard to find.Still have the original case though.
I would also like to hear some Arm and Hammer, so good luck with that search.
The only other track I've been looking for is Divorced(?) by Ninth Configuration. I own 2 of their cassettes, but it's not on them. I can remember hearing it on CJSW back in the day, so there must have been some sort of recording......
Also have the Ninth Configuration cassette with the 8-ball on it(can't recall the name of it at the moment)...let me know if you need it for your website. cheers

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! I can't believe I found this site and this Album! This completes a 20+ year search. During Calgary summers I used to listen in my girlfriends red convertible Alpha Romeo Spider. Absolutely great memories! "How many kids here are into Punk music??" Love it.
I seriously can't say thank-you enough for this. You have made my year!
Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!