Sunday 15 March 2009

Skin Barn - Love Snack (1991)

Skin Barn - Love Snack

We're going to point you over to the lovely folks at Making Time for Thoughtcrime, who have recently posted this tape from Skin Barn. We'll have more Skin Barn shortly, so don't you fret if you can't get enough of the bass-slappin' action!

Get it from MTFT!

Update: Never ones to leave good enough alone, we've re-mp3ed this from Josh Etherington's tape. And re-scanned the j-card. And given each other manicures. Get the new (improved?) version here.


Tim said...

I don't suppose anyone has a copy of the lyrics to this record? I'd also love to get my hands on an "I Fucked Skinbarn" t-shirt.

Anonymous said...

I have an IFSB shirt from an Edmonton gig.
(My Mudhoney T bit the dust a looong time ago)
Saw them once and then they were gone...(cry)
But this tape (an orig!) has been carefully played for almost TWENTY (20) years!!!
Holy shit I'm OLD!!!

Ever hear their cover of 'Shoo Fly'? Awesome.

Blackjack Online said...

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Anonymous said...

Wow!!! I can't believe I found this site and this Album! This completes a 20+ year search. During Calgary summers I used to listen in my girlfriends red convertible Alpha Romeo Spider. Absolutely great memories! "How many kids here are into Punk music??" Love it.
I seriously can't say thank-you enough for this. You have made my year!
Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!