Monday 16 March 2009

Primrods - Electrosity (1992)

Primrods - Electrosity
Speaking of which, let's break this down quickly:
P1 - Mark Igglesden (drums)
P2 - Jon Sawyer (guitar - and a freakin' amazing guitar, we should add)
P3 - Ben Falconer (bass)
P4 - ? (vocals)
P5 - Paul Coutts (vocals)
P6 - Pat Andrews (bass - honourary status, assumedly for his part in the amazing Dr. Caligari show)
P7 - Garrett McLure (vocals, guitar)
P8 - Chris Faulkner (drums)

Is that right? Who was P4? Who cares? Why do we have so stinkin' much Primrods in our collection?

The eight tracks on this tape are also on the Primrods' compilation CD, Shit Side Story, which you can get from Catch and Release.

And here, for a limited time.


Troy said...

P4 was Aysim (also of Squat) I believe. She fronted the 'Rods for, I believe, two gigs.

Anonymous said...

may 14th legion #1 .......

Billy said...

Yes - P4 was not male.
Saw them with her at the Republik I think? She sang as Troy said...

Anonymous said...

I saw her front at the Republik too.