Wednesday 18 March 2009

Ninth Configuration - Ninth Configuration (1987)

Big thanks again to the good folks at Making Time for Thoughcrime, who have just posted the first tape from Calgary legends Ninth Configuration. There's some question as to the exact date of this tape, since the j-card is MIA (another! where do these things go?). If you can add any details to this, please let us know. We're assuming this is the same membership as what we've got for their Vegas tape.

(Update: thanks to our Sherlock Fox-y friends at Golden Rock for giving us a fix on this tape's date! - and extra thanks to Trev from Saturday Morning Poke for finding a cover for us!)

In the meantime, grab the download.


Administrator said...

There's an ad for this cassette at Punk History Canada ( like it says 1987 at the bottom. Wonder where the ad ran? VOX? There weren't a lot of print venues for that kinda thing back then...

OldButYoung said...

Wow!!! One album I have missed dearly!!!
I never missed a show, but lost this forever ago!!!

Thank you so very Much

Mike D said...

You're missing Brent Beatty as the Drummer on this one he's the BAB on the tape cover. It was an awesome group.

Mr. B. (now) Ottawa said...

Thx Mike D for noting me here!!

Says Brent Beatty lol