Tuesday 31 March 2009

Krul Hul - Harsh (1991)

Krul Hul

We've obviously misremembered Krul Hul as a Metanoia band, but this tape certainly has many of the sounds that label was known for. We have no records of band membership - if you know anything, please let us know.

Update: Thanks to Krul Hul drummer Gary Gurr for filling us in on the band membership!



Jeff Caissie said...

The reason why you probably thought this was on Metanoia is because they were on that Metanoia compilation (which I will be getting you a copy of very soon)that came out around this time, and played a lot of the Metanoia shows w/Agony Pipe, Ramada Gods, etc. I don't remember much about Krul Hul except the singer had a Krul Hul tattoo, and the guitar player had a guitar covered in LA Kings stickers.

Anonymous said...

All I remember was the LA Kings flying V. If that means something to you, you were there.

Unknown said...

Hey Gary here, former drummer of Krul Hul. If you want any info just let me know. All of us went on to other bands and played shows....i was most recently drummer for middleclass a Jay kreway project...which was about 4-5 years ago....I have alot of tapes from most of the bands back in the day...good times had by all

Transceiver said...
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Transceiver said...

Hey Gary. Have you got a tape of Rob and bucky's band Invocation???