Saturday 21 March 2009

Jeff Kushner - Praise/Exorcism (1993)

Jeff Kushner - Praise:Exorcism

Jeff Kushner represents a pretty small demographic in the Calgary scene - well-written, well-produced, neo-psychedelic pop (with religious themes, nonetheless). Side 1 of this tape is pretty pop, side 2 is much more rock. We like side 2 a fair amount. Jeff Kushner has most recently been playing with Steve Bandola in the Beagle Ranch.

Thanks again to Steve Elaschuk for this!

Get it here.

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Anonymous said...

I remember playing with Jeff & Greg Kushner in a very short-lived band which for some unknown reason we called die noisemeisters (I'm pretty sure no-one in the band liked the name, but all our other name ideas were taken). We played a grand total of one gig at the Big Acoustic Ga-ga. Memories of bemused and dusty punks paying vague attention to our blues version of ACDC's Shook Me All Night Long.

With many of the songs based on my naff high-school poetry, I remember coming to the horrible realisation that if even we didn't like our songs, we couldn't really expect anyone else to either.