Monday, 16 March 2009

Fire Engine Red - Good Coffee Burns (1994)

Fire Engine Red- Good Coffee Burns

How happy are we to have this? Pretty damn happy. We've listened to "Black Day" about five times today.

By the time FER called it a day, they were quite a different band than what's on this tape. Lee Shedden bowed out shortly after the recording of their CD, 1530 (which we've played many, many times in the past 14 years). Brooker Buckingham stepped in on bass, then moved to guitar and brought in Steve Elaschuk on bass. And then at some point, Brooker stepped out and Pat Andrews stepped in, creating Fire Engine Wagbeard.

Anyways, this is from before all of that. So why did we bother telling you all that if it's not relevant? Because that's what we do best.

Thanks again to Steve Elaschuk for digging this out!

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