Friday 13 January 2012

Color Me Psycho - Pretend I'm Your Father (1988)

That last compilation has sent us into a bit of a tangent (as we're prone to), so we're going to take a detour through some Bagley-related posts over the next while (including some new stuff, rather than all these re-tread posts from Golden Rock). Tom tells us that the band was basically broken up by the time this record came out - he was already playing with Forbidden Dimension (that band's first 7" would come out in the same year as this LP).

Our favourite Punk Rock Librarian complains endlessly about the sound quality of this recording, but our own vinyl is in fairly dodgy shape, so we can't really tell. All we know is, this thing has some of our favourite Bagley tracks ("Let's Play Doktor" is an absolute treat).

From the liner notes:

Jack Keen: noise bass, background yelling
Johnny Twelvefingers: visceral organs
S__ P____ Lärkin: drumbs
Aleister Hexxx: eyesore guitar, hootin' and hollerin'

Produced and directed by Randy "Needle" Parker and Color Me Psycho at R and L Studios, Calgary 1988. All songs written by Hexxx, Keen, Larkin, Twelvefingers—except + (Haze, Hexxx, Larkin, Keen 1986) and * (Hexxx, Keen, Larkin, Dez 1985)

Because God told us to... CAPAC REG.

There was talk from Lance Rock Records a few years ago about re-mastering and re-issuing this. Until that happens, you can enjoy this rip instead.


Anonymous said...

I think this came out the SAME DAY, even, as the first Forbidden Dimension single. (The FD single was Raging Records release #1, and the CMP was #2.) I remember both were for sale at the "coming out" party at Mac Hall in, I think August '88. (Also on the bill: Vindicators, Bad Housekeeping).

Anonymous said...

where can i link to the swengali of ebony & ivory, 13 fingers johnny rodden????

Anonymous said...

oh he grew another finger

Anonymous said...

I'm finally gonna own this tonight.,