Saturday, 14 January 2012

Color Me Psycho: Demos (1987)

Direct from Aleister Hexxx, six songs recorded in the summer of '87. (Note to CMP completists: "Two Towers" doesn't show up anywhere else.) "The demo was done at the same place as the LP (exactly a year apart)," writes Hexxx. "I actually prefer a couple of the demo versions to the LP ones ("Give Ya the Gears" has more spontaneity for sure). It was all fun though." We also prefer these a bit, as well - the recordings are a bit beefier. Which makes us wonder if the LP was recorded to plywood rather than tape.

Track listing:

Sacred Valley Penetration
Mother's Worry
Two Towers
Six Foot Jane
Black Corvair
Give You the Gears

Also: thanks to Mr. Lärkin for the cover art!

Get CMP's demos here.

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