Sunday 15 January 2012

Color Me Psycho - H+R Block Recordings w/ Live @ The National (1985)

O Canadarm! has a bunch of early Color Me Psycho recordings, collected under the rubric "H+R Block." Why? According to CMP frontman Aleister Hexxx, "We used to practice at the H+R Block in a Forest Lawn strip mall in the off-tax-season. We had to move after we practiced during work hours one day (we had a show that night at the U o' C), causing a dentist next door to file a complaint (and probably a few teeth he hadn't planned on)! The H+R Block stuff was done over the course of a weekend towards the end of the summer of '85. We had only been playing for a few months at that point, and there are lots of sucky tunes that got dropped right away after we started playing out more. Playing out is always the best way of sorting out what works and what don't."

Yes, it looks like some of these are the same version that we previously posted here. But we don't mind duplication in this case, because appended to the practice set is a live show from the National Hotel. 

Aleister Hexxx thinks this show was around Halloween '85: "I'm thinking we'd played the ACA H'we'en dance the night before, which went smashingly, and I faintly recall being a bit put off by the not-so-enthusiastic National crowd." Our favourite moment in the set is their cover of Fire's "My Father's Name Was Dad."

It looks like O Canadarm!'s link is still active, so you can grab the download from them (or here, if you're lazy).


Potsie said...

this zip file be broken; Canadarm file gone.

Gene Poole said...

New link is up! File no longer borken (hopefully)!